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What is Airadigm Technical Academy?

Our goal was to create an academy that thoroughly trained technicians throughout all facets of the Air Balancing industry. As a national company, we have a high demand for skilled technicians, so it was important that we created a rigorous training curriculum to equal it. Brian Sharkey had the structure and content of the training developed over years of work and experience, and it was refined into a model that utilizes current employees’ knowledge, a state of the art bootcamp, and online classes for continuing education.

What is Airadigm Technical Academy?

The Airadigm Technical Academy consists of training from hiring all the way throughout an employee’s career. With many necessary certifications to progress as a technician we have created different facets of the academy to make sure all our team is equipped will the knowledge to succeed.
At first hire, a new Airadigm Solutions employee is brought to our New England facility for a training bootcamp taught by Chief Training Officer, Brian Sharkey. This is a week-long introductory course that gives technicians the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the equipment and ask whatever questions they may have.
After the course completion, technicians return to their region and are assigned a trainer. This is an experienced technician that can guide trainees throughout their first few months of work. This ensures that our new technicians fully know the ropes before they are given jobs on their own.
As the technician gains more experience, we make sure to complete regular online trainings to keep them up to date in their knowledge and know-how. This also helps prepare them for the NEBB (National Environmental Balancing Bureau) CT and CP exams- meaning that when they do take the test they are guaranteed to pass!

OuR Method

We have carefully crafted a curriculum for our students that teaches theory and practical work- preparing them for any job they will come across.


A week long intensive training course for new hires

On-the-job Training

Mentorship is the next step- we pair new hires with experienced technicians

Continuous Education

Online training sessions to keep seasoned technicians in the know

Once a technician goes through the academy they become Airadigm certified technicians. That means that our certified techs have passed our classroom tests as well as completed on the job training hours. Our certified technicians on the job are working from a vast base of knowledge and support system. They have the know how to get any project completed on time and accurately.

With Airadigm Technical Academy certification comes our promise that your project is in good hands.

Steps needed to become certified:

  • Completion of weeklong intensive bootcamp for initial new hires.
  • All three courses completed and passed from the online academy
  • X amount of hours on the job training in the field
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